MVT develops devices and technologies for three-dimensional scanning accessible to large cross-sections of users in a myriad of applications such as reverse engineering, research, arts and consumer industries, to name a few.
We strive for bringing true mobility and appliance-level simplicity to 3-D imaging, open up renewed interest and fresh markets in a new era of rapid prototyping, desk-top fabrication, and custom-made solutions.
Achieving true mobile, hand-held, arm-free, 3-D scanning has been a long desired goal in many circles. Many vendors and researchers tackled the issue by exploiting faster light switching engines combined to higher speed imagers on top of classic techniques: laser line, phase-shifting and gray-code, to name a few. However, mobility, low-cost, and mass accessibility remained distant goals.

In-Shape3D is based on breakthrough technology designed specifically for dynamic environments and on-the-fly 3-D digitization, which differs fundamentally from existing ones.
Chief qualities distinguishing our technology are: substantially higher number of measurements, superior detail resolution, higher accuracy, low-power, small foot-print, and simplicity, which can secure mass deployment and markets penetration at lower costs.
In addition, technology is proprietary, protected by two US Patents by an US author.

In-Shape3D is democratizing 3-D scanning by bringing appliance-level mobility to old and new consumer markets, and is poised to secure mass deployment and penetration at lower costs.

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