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1. Method and Apparatus for High-Speed Unconstrained Three-Dimensional Digitalization - US Patent 8,339,616

2. Methods and Apparatus for real-time digitization of three-dimensional scenes - Application No. 13/331,099


In-Shape3D is a close-range point-and-shoot digitizer that captures shapes in real time.
3-D scans are preformed when unit is moved about the object in a spray-can motion.

In-Shape3D utilizes structured light to calculate dense point coordinates at each camera frame, resulting in reconstructing accurate digital model from large numbers of measurements. In-Shape3D can be configured to capture over 2 millions points each second. Models are built incrementally from series of frames, is immune to relative motions and do not require fixturing.
Narrow-band, structured light illumination, monocular setup captures large numbers samples, by way of novel, carefully designed patterns, and ensure better, faster feature resolution.
Because of non-laser, non-flashing illumination, possible invisible light, operations are eye-safe and can take place in almost any environment with no strain.
In-Shape3D can be configured to capture surface color, by including one additional imager while keeping a small footprint. Immunity to richly textured surfaces is achieved in several ways. The units are light-weight and pocket-sized.
Here are the major distinguishing key points:






Unlike some white light systems, which encode data in projected patterns our design makes substantially better use of image resolution leading to substantially higher samples density per frame.
Unlike white light stereo setups, which project forms of binary noise patterns, In-Shape3D is one-camera setup, with superior and robust feature resolving powers while maintaining small foot print and low power.



- generates 3-5 times more samples per second than the market
- faster results on richly featured geometries owed to efficient, simpler patterns
- low power: optimized pattern projection
- optimized illumination: narrow band lighting, user-friendly, low heat, no fan
- smaller foot-print
- lighter

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