Real-time shape and color

CLS sensors are active triangulation devices, which capture shape and color information for each vertex, simultaneously.
Ordinary techniques for obtaining shape and color employ undefined numbers of color shots to assemble the textural information, compromising between resolution and filed-of-view.
CLS series delivers color 3-D points natively at high-speeds, in hand-held mode.


Real-time rendering, live color video display

Sensors operation is highly visual. User observes model shaping up on screen. Real-time rendering helps locate holes or missing data.


High speed, professional accuracy, large working range

Designed for high-speed, standard sensor can reach up to 38,400 points per second and 0.001" (22um) accuracy.
High data speeds are achieved with uncompromised operating ranges. Compromising between data speed and range is common in many existing systems, by reading fewer pixels from imaging devices, shortening the operating range. MVT sensors have comfortable ranges, between 4.5"-15" on color sensors.
Designed for medium-sized objects, CLS60 works optimally around 4-6" range with speeds of 20,000 to 30,000 pps.

Solid-state, palm-sized, digitizing arms ready

Palm-sized, light-weighted, with no moving parts, they are ideal tools for desktop and mobile operations. On-board control buttons functionality is flexible and assigned in software.
MVT sensors are first color-capable, non-contact devices compatible with Microscribe, a popular digitizing arm for many professional designers and modelers.

CLS sensors are the only sensors capable of generating color per vertex natively.

Designed for retrofitting, weighing less than half pound, are ideal tools for desktop 3-D scanning.


Architected for performance and extension, professionally designed, Moulage software permits direct control over many features.
Sensors are factory calibrated and sphere-based calibration functionality is provided.
Configurations requirements: Multi-core, 1GB, medium grade graphics card, IEEE PCI adaptor, Windows XP Pro.
Data can be exported in CSV, ASCII and TXT formats for third parties point cloud applications for reverse engineering, modeling and animation.

Industry standard connectivity, on-board controls

Sensors have standard IEEE1394 interface, and can connect directly to almost any PC or Laptop. No dedicated hubs or embedded controllers are required.
No power supply is necessary on most PCs. Thin and flexible, cables are easily routed where necessary. The unit is provided with power and range lights.

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MVT Advantage

MVT is introducing world's first color 3D laser sensors, optimized for hand-held operations. Here is why CLS 3-D laser sensors series are unique:

Real-time shape and color

Real-time rendering, color live video display

High speed, professional accuracy, large depth of field

Solid-state, palm-sized, digitizing-arms ready

Integrated software

Industry standard connectivity and on-board controls

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